Service Offerings

Dr Ana Musarevski offers a comprehensive range of services focused on promoting holistic well-being and personalised care, including:

Comprehensive Assessment and Treatment Planning

Dr Musarevski conducts a comprehensive psychiatric assessment to understand you holistically and tailor a personalised treatment plan that aims to integrate the best that conventional and complementary medicine have to offer to restore balance and achieve optimal mental wellness.

Medication Management

Integrative psychiatry doesn't entail dismissing medication use but involves approaching it thoughtfully and with care. Guidance can be provided toward an optimal medication strategy when medication may be needed to enhance well-being while minimising side effects. Additionally, holistic approaches may potentially lessen the need for medication or dosages by offering additional support for overall health.

Integrated Talk Therapy

Incorporating psychological methods such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), alongside Eastern Philosophy-Based Psychology, various approaches can be utilised to support individuals in deepening self-awareness and breaking free from unhelpful patterns through meaningful conversations.

Mind-Body Practices

Guidance in meditation and mindfulness practices can be provided, empowering individuals to stabilise their moods and navigate the inevitable ebb and flow of emotions that come with being human.

Holistic Lifestyle Guidance

Recognising the importance of factors like sleep, nutrition, and exercise, assistance can be given in making gradual lifestyle changes that can lead to significant improvements in overall well-being.

Herbal and Plant-Based Remedies

Exploring the potential benefits of nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, and plant-based medicines, regimens can be tailored to support individuals' well-being while being mindful to minimise the potential for interactions between medication and supplements.

Comprehensive Nutritional Testing

Through functional laboratory testing, nutrient levels can be evaluated to further optimise treatment plans.

Advanced Hormonal Evaluation

Arrangements for advanced salivary cortisol and melatonin testing can be made, which can provide valuable insights when needed to assist in assessing adrenal function and chronic fatigue.

Gut Microbiome Analysis

An option for gut microbiome testing can be provided to assess potential gut health issues related to digestion, inflammation, dysbiosis, and infection.

Pharmacogenomic Medication Guidance

Through genetic testing, an assessment can be made on how an individual's genes may influence medication metabolism, with the aim of optimising medication regimens if needed.

Consultation Fees

The most common appointment types offered by Dr Musarevski are listed in the table below, though they are not an exhaustive representation of all appointment types.

Item Fee Medicare Rebate* Out-of-pocket

Initial 80-minute Appointment: Comprehensive Initial Psychiatric Assessment (with pre-appointment review of Health History Form and relevant submitted documents if provided at least 3 business days before appointment)

$1480.00 $247.25 $1232.75

Follow Up Appointment (50-minute)

$875.00 $174.45 $700.55

Follow Up Appointment (30-minute)

$540.00 $126.40 $413.60

*Rebates current as of 01/11/2023.

Fees and charges are subject to change, and patients will be advised of any changes in advance.

Please note that Follow Up appointments for medication management only are typically 30 minutes, while patients requiring a further period of clinical assessment, medication management and/or talk therapy are 50 minutes. In some cases, a 50 minute appointment may be recommended, even without talk therapy, to allow adequate time for in-depth discussions about medications and/or pathology results. Depending on the complexity of your case, kindly note that one or two follow-up appointments (50 minutes each) may be required to complete your assessment.

Additionally, please keep in mind that some of the consultation time may be allocated to clinical tasks, which may include preparing scripts and forms and composing letters to other healthcare professionals, such as your GP and/or other medical specialists.

Pathology Fees

Investigations that are not covered by Medicare, such as specialised functional/integrative pathology testing, if clinically indicated based on your symptoms and goals, and should you choose to proceed with them, incur an additional private out-of-pocket fee for the cost of the pathology test plus postage.

Medicare Safety Net

The Medicare Safety Net is intended to help lower your out-of-pocket medical costs for services that are out of hospital if you are seeing a doctor or are getting tests done regularly. Medicare automatically calculates your out-of-pocket costs (for all specialist, psychologist, and GP visits) in each calendar year, and once you spend over a certain threshold amount, you will be given the usual Medicare rebate listed above PLUS 80% of the remaining gap fee for the remainder of the calendar year.

Currently, the threshold is $2544.30 for everyone in Medicare and $811.80 for concession cardholders and families eligible for Family Tax Benefit Part A.

Please refer to the Services Australia website to learn about Medicare Safety Nets.

Deposit and Cancellation Policy

The full consultation fee is required as a deposit (for Initial and Follow Up Appointments) to secure your appointment and must be received at least 48 hours on business days before your scheduled appointment; otherwise, your appointment will be cancelled. The payment method for the required booking deposit will be emailed to you one week before your scheduled appointment.

The deposit is fully refundable if you cancel or reschedule your appointment with at least 48 hours' notice on business days (excluding weekends and public holidays). Please note that credit card surcharges are non-refundable.

The appointment time is reserved exclusively for you, and a late cancellation can mean that this time cannot be filled with another patient. Therefore, cancellations made with less than 48 hours' notice on business days (excluding weekends and public holidays), or missed appointments (including arriving 15 minutes late or more, as per the Late Arrival Policy outlined below), will result in the full consultation fee deposit being forfeited (with no Medicare rebate available).

For example, an appointment scheduled for 12:00 pm on Monday must be cancelled by 12:00 pm on Thursday to avoid forfeiting the full consultation fee deposit.

Late Arrival Policy

Nourishing Minds Psychiatry strives to provide the best patient care possible, which includes respecting our patients' time. We kindly request that you arrive on time for your scheduled appointments.

In order to ensure we have enough time to properly address your needs and continue providing the highest level of care for all our patients, please note the following policy regarding late arrivals.

If you arrive less than 15 minutes late, your appointment will still conclude at its scheduled time. If you arrive 15 minutes late or more, your appointment will be considered a no-show due to time constraints, and our cancellation policy will apply.